MIT Muslim Students' Association is a close-knit and friendly community which aims to assist MIT Muslims with their practice of Islam and endeavors to promote understanding between Muslims and people of other faiths on campus. Representing nearly one hundred Muslims, MSA holds events year-round that promote peace, brotherhood, and the Islamic message. MSA is directed by the Executive Committee, which is elected each December to organize and run the various events and projects throughout the year.

The Prayer Room - Musalla

MSA maintains a prayer room (Musalla) with daily prayers at Religious Activites Center (W11), including jumu'ah prayers every Friday. During Ramadan MSA organizes iftaars and suhoors, and holds taraweeh prayers.

Musalla is open 7/24 for everyone. You need an MIT ID to get in the building during the night, but other times you can just walk in without an ID.

Jumu'ah (Friday) prayers are held every week at Musalla (during the academic year and the summer) at 1:25pm.

In addition to Musalla, there are other rooms on campus dedicated as prayer rooms or meditation spaces. They are located in Sloan area: E52-112 is a dedicated Muslim prayer room, and E51-050 and E52-212 are dedicated non-denominational prayer and meditation spaces. You should e-mail to get access to these rooms (please be specific about which rooms you want access to, and include your nine digit MIT ID number). Please refer to map below for locations of prayer rooms.